10 Movies You Never Would Have Guessed Were Based Off Comic Books


10) Alien Vs. Predator

You might think that the lacklustre Alien vs. Predator films were just a cash-in crossover of two popular sci-fi movie franchises. However, while that is admittedly true, the idea of Xenomorphs and Predators going at it has been around far longer than the movies, as it actually began in comic books.

Dark Horse Comics first published an AVP story all the way back in 1989, which soon span off into other mediums including the popular SNES game from 1993. The film series, which started in 2004, is actually very late to the game.

The comics push the crossover idea further, with the likes of Alien vs. Predator vs. The Terminator and even Superman and Batman Versus Alien and Predator.

OK, now that one we’d like to see…

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