10 Movies That Will Have You Singing And Dancing

Into The Woods

There’s something about the holiday season that just naturally lends itself to show tunes. Whether it’s the sense of togetherness, the air of celebration, or the atmospheric lighting, we just seem more open to the charms of people warbling their inner emotions. This holiday season is no exception, as we ready ourselves for the arrival of Into The Woods and Annie – the former being an adaptation of a stage production, and the latter being a remake of a film adaptation of a stage production.

This really highlights what is best about movie musicals – their larger-than-life theatricality. Bold production design, fantastic costumes and incredible voices belting out memorable ditties. Even in the world of animation, this genre goes that extra mile to create an immersive experience. The movie musicals that instantly spring to mind – The Wizard Of Oz, The Sound Of Music, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Singin’ In The Rain – they have all spent years firmly lodged in the cultural consciousness, with well-known songs that everyone can sing along to.

They provide the perfect backdrop for partaking in holiday season traditions and fun. Gentle, dreamy musicals need not apply. Experimental endeavours can come back in the spring. What we’re looking for here is end-to-end toe-tappers to get us jiving round the tree and joining in the chorus. While they may not all be suitable for children, what we have here are ten movies that will have you singing and dancing.