10 Movies That Were Meant To Reboot Franchises But Flopped Hard

8) The Incredible Hulk

2003’s Hulk from Ang Lee was a bizarrely cerebral, stilted film about an enormous green rage monster who famously likes to smash things. 2008’s reboot, The Incredible Hulk, restored the action/adventure that the first movie was sorely lacking yet it still didn’t ignite audiences as much as the preceding Marvel film, Iron Man.

While it is generally considered to be superior to a lot of the picks on this list, The Incredible Hulk is still a divisive one. Many consider it to be a solid superhero runaround, but without much to differentiate it from the crowd. The Serviceable Hulk, if you will. As such, there wasn’t enough interest in a sequel.

The lack of any individual Hulk films since hasn’t really dented the MCU’s success, however, so Marvel and Disney aren’t exactly crying over this one. Maybe the character just works better in ensemble films like The Avengers?