10 Awesome Horror Flicks To Stream On Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is all about getting spooked, right? Sure, we all remember trooping around the cold, dark night scaring our neighbours while trick or treating when we were kids, but the sad truth is, we’d look a bit silly doing it now that we’re all grown up.

So, what could we do instead? Well, we could gather up some friends and do a spot of apple bobbing (could be a choking hazard), or, try carving pumpkins into creepy Jack O’lanterns with a sharp knife (sounds a bit dangerous), or build a big inferno-esque bonfire in our back garden (sounds really dangerous). Decisions, decisions.

Well, there’s one other thing that’s 100% safe, fun for the whole family all of your adult chums and is bound to get your pulses racing.

‘What is it?’ I hear you asking.

Why, a bloody good ol’ horror flick, that’s what! And better yet, one that you and your buddies have never seen before. Sharing that nail-biting experience with your besties, with a slice of pizza in one hand and and an ice-cold beer in the other, is – in our opinion – what Halloween is truly all about. Sharing is caring, and all that jazz.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork, taken one for the team and scrutinized enough horror movies over the past few weeks to give even Count Dracula the heebie jeebies. Further still, we’ve decided to focus on Netflix horror flicks, mainly because everyone and their werehound have access to the uber-popular streaming service. That said, if you don’t subscribe to ’flix, then you can always go the old-school route and rent most of these bad boys from your nearest rental store (do they even still exist?).

Before we get into it though, we’d like to emphasize that this is not necessarily a “best of” list so to speak, but instead more of a selection of recommendations of newish horror movies that have landed on the service over the last few years. So don’t expect to see any of those 80s or 90s horror classics which we wrote about recently. Instead, we’ve decided to focus on some more modern, lesser known flicks that’ll whet your devilish appetite and have you and your friends reaching for the safety of the dark side of the pillow.

With all that out of the way, let’s get straight to the horrific action and dig into some choice horror gems for all you gore hounds to get your dastardly claws into this Halloween…