10 Awesome Horror Flicks To Stream On Netflix This Halloween


10) Blair Witch (2016)

A sequel to one of the 90’s most popular found footage chillers was as inevitable as a Sean Bean death scene. Thankfully, Adam Wingard’s follow-up (which completely ignores the awful Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 sequel) isn’t actually as bad as the bloody writing on the wall suggests.

Our very own Matt Donato declared Blair Witch “a respectful and uniquely haunting chapter,” that “brings a jolt of energy to a legendary franchise.” You can read his full, in-depth review here.

The plot focuses on an inquisitive brother who heads out in search of his long lost sister who disappeared while investigating the titular Blair Witch. He ropes in some tech savvy friends and teams up with a couple of locals to help track her down in the cursed Burkittsville woods where the original horror classic took place.

Though it doesn’t exactly rewrite the found footage genre rulebook, it does add some welcome mythos to the mysterious curse of the dreaded Maryland woods. It’s a tense, chilling, well paced rollercoaster thrill ride that does justice to the creepy source material it’s based upon. Simply put, this is a fairly underrated horror flick that’s definitely worth a look.

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