10 Directors Who Would Be Perfect For Man Of Steel 2


Man of Steel was far from a flop back in 2013, but it still didn’t perform anywhere near as strongly as Warner Bros. was hoping in terms of reviews or at the box office. That, perhaps, at least partially explains why the studio has decided to turn what was going to be the movie’s sequel into a Justice League prequel and a film set to feature Superman coming to blows with Batman on the big screen for the very first time.

However, the plus side to the lack of Man of Steel 2 is the fact that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to launch the DC Extended Universe, leading to characters like Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman all getting their own movies. When Warner Bros. announced their DC Comics slate, neither Batman nor Superman movie were given release dates, but it was promised that they would both return in solo outings.

As of right now, they both remain undated, but there’s been a lot of talk lately about Man of Steel 2 finally becoming a reality at some point in the next few years. If that is the case, who should take the helm of it? Zack Snyder is currently finishing Batman V Superman and will then jump into two Justice League movies, and while he could then return to Superman, it’s far more likely that the studio will find someone else.

Who should that filmmaker be? Here, you will find just ten of the best possible options for who Warner Bros. should choose to helm Man of Steel 2.