10 Directors Who Would Be Perfect For Man Of Steel 2


10) David Leitch And Chad Stahelski

John Wick Directors

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski created something truly special with John Wick, and while it’s a shame that they’ve now gone their separate ways (Leitch is set to tackle The Coldest City, while Stahelski will return for the sequel), you have to believe that there’s a chance they’ll re-team in the future.

If they do, then a superhero movie would be ideal for these guys, and Superman is one of the most interesting possibilities. Say what you will about Man of Steel, but Zack Snyder really delivered when it came to action, and these guys know that realm very well indeed.

After dealing with a world ending threat in the first movie, Superman having a slightly more grounded adventure would be no bad thing, and Leitch and Stahelski are arguably the ideal candidates to do that, especially as it would mean the sequel dials it back a little on the special effects.

After all, parts of Man of Steel kind of ended up looking like a video game cutscene.

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