10 Proposed Guillermo Del Toro Movies That We Really Hope Get Made

8) The Haunted Mansion


You may remember that Disney already released a movie called The Haunted Mansion, based off their popular theme park attraction starring Eddie Murphy. Or you might not, as the film was pretty forgettable and certainly did not, as Disney hoped, replicate the success of other theme park ride-turned-movie Pirates of the Caribbean.


Apparently, del Toro took his family to see the movie and was so disappointed that he went to Disney and pitched his own version. His take would have delved into the urban legends that have surrounded the ride in real life, like the Hatbox Ghost who never actually appeared in the attraction. Disney were up for the idea, but news has dried up on the project for a long while – until last year when it was reported that Ryan Gosling was in talks to play the film’s lead. Let’s hope that this means that the project is a go.