10 Things You Didn’t Know About Quentin Tarantino


2. Tarantino lost his virginity at 16 (and worked at a video store until he was 26)

Even though he worked in an L.A. video store ’til he was 26-years-old (and then spent time after that cleaning up dog poop as a production assistant on a Dolph Lundgren workout video), Tarantino claims to have lost his virginity at 16. Looking back on his long career as a video store clerk, Tarantino admitted: “22 is about the time when you should be working in a video store… 5 years later is when I started feeling like a loser. 22 is okay. 26 is something else.”

3. Tarantino has an I.Q of 160 – but only according to his mom

Despite the fact that Tarantino left school in the ninth grade (he was sixteen after being held back a year) and can’t spell for shit (his screenplays are littered with grammatical errors and bizarre spelling mistakes), Quentin Tarantino is actually a certified genius – well, according to his mom, anyway.

It’s actually a pretty “well-known” fact that Tarantino has an I.Q. of 160, but during an appearance on The Howard Stern show in 1997, Tarantino revealed that he doesn’t remember ever taking an I.Q. test and that the whole 160 thing comes from something his mom told him (Charles Darwin had an I.Q. of 165). There’s actually no evidence out there which makes this thing true.

When Stern asked him a couple of questions from an I.Q. test during the interview, Tarantino got them both wrong. So maybe it’s time to put this particular rumor to bed: Tarantino doesn’t have a confirmed I.Q of anything (and he doesn’t know what a prime number is either).

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