Answers To The 10 Most Pressing X-Men: Days Of Future Past Questions



There’s a good chance that you spent a portion of your Memorial Day weekend in a movie theater, and there’s an equally good chance that you were there to watch Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The fifth film in the X-Men franchise, seventh if you include two solo Wolverine outings, combines many of the characters and lore across all the various X-films. Naturally, this can lead to many unanswered questions, as with so many stories, characters, plots and motivations, it’s pretty easy to lose focus on all the pieces that are in motion.

First of all, this is a time travel story, so that automatically sets up all kinds of paradoxes and contrivances that the viewer has to sort out. Some characters are places they shouldn’t be, while other characters end up with entirely new destinies. In the case of Days of Future Past, there are characters with powers they shouldn’t have, mysterious deaths, sudden re-appearances and altered histories.

Then, we have the mysterious future to worry about. What does fate have in store for the mutants going forward? What villains will return to make a menace of themselves, and which X-Men will be called upon to fight them? The possibilities are endless, and so are the questions. Thankfully, though, We Got This Covered is here to help.

Over the weekend, we assembled a team of mutant experts to pick up the pieces left by X-Men: Days of Future Past and answer some of the most pressing questions that you may have. Of course, if you haven’t yet seen the film, you might want to turn back now. If you have seen it though, and are still trying to figure it all out, then read on for some answers that just might help you make sense of everything.

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