Answers To The 10 Most Pressing X-Men: Days Of Future Past Questions


There’s a good chance that you spent a portion of your Memorial Day weekend in a movie theater, and there’s an equally good chance that you were there to watch Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The fifth film in the X-Men franchise, seventh if you include two solo Wolverine outings, combines many of the characters and lore across all the various X-films. Naturally, this can lead to many unanswered questions, as with so many stories, characters, plots and motivations, it’s pretty easy to lose focus on all the pieces that are in motion.

First of all, this is a time travel story, so that automatically sets up all kinds of paradoxes and contrivances that the viewer has to sort out. Some characters are places they shouldn’t be, while other characters end up with entirely new destinies. In the case of Days of Future Past, there are characters with powers they shouldn’t have, mysterious deaths, sudden re-appearances and altered histories.

Then, we have the mysterious future to worry about. What does fate have in store for the mutants going forward? What villains will return to make a menace of themselves, and which X-Men will be called upon to fight them? The possibilities are endless, and so are the questions. Thankfully, though, We Got This Covered is here to help.

Over the weekend, we assembled a team of mutant experts to pick up the pieces left by X-Men: Days of Future Past and answer some of the most pressing questions that you may have. Of course, if you haven’t yet seen the film, you might want to turn back now. If you have seen it though, and are still trying to figure it all out, then read on for some answers that just might help you make sense of everything.

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  1. X-Fan3300says:

    Kitty sending people’s brains back in time was the one part of the movie I couldn’t reconcile. Even going with the shoddy Morrison “secondary mutation” idea, it’s a stretch. I’m guessing since she “came out,” Ellen Page was awarded more screen time. It would have been easier, cheaper, and made more sense if Professor X had been the one sending Wolverine’s mind through time. Because Professor X didn’t do squat in the future.

    1. Spikemeister Sandeepsays:

      I have my own explanation for that! As she can walk through space(walls), I think she has developed/evolved herself to also walk through time!
      But you are right about the Prof. X’s future role!

    2. JacHuntersays:

      “Professor X didn’t do squat in the future.”

      Except, you know, come up with the entire plan for sending Logan back through time, give Logan all the information he needed to change history, and mentally pep talk his past self into manning up at just the right time.

    3. Astralsays:

      He can’t do squats, his legs are broken.

    4. YellowPresssays:

      simple, walking through walls requires you to manipulate matter, to manipulate matter you must manipulate quantum physics. If you can manipulate the laws of physics, you can manipulate time, which is an extra dimension in the physical world. Kitty just expanded her existing abilities, I wouldn’t be surprised if she developed extra related skills like being out of phase (becoming invisible/non existant in our dimension), teleporting, transmuting, levitating, or even traveling to parallel universes

  2. Fabyen Robinsonsays:

    This was helpful. I didn’t know Charles had a twin. I’m a fan from the cartoon and thought Juggernaut was his step brother and that was all the family he had. I didn’t even know there was a post credit scene in the last stand. They should stop doing those….

    1. ♡ Miss Tee ♡says:

      All comic book movies have post credit scenes. Every single x-men series has one.

      1. Fabyen Robinsonsays:

        So far, the theaters have kept the lights off until that scene is over but for DoFP they turned on the lights leading me to believe it was over.

  3. Carl Bensonsays:

    I have my own explanation for Xavier being alive. There were only a few people witnessed Jean obliterate him. Jean mortally wounded him his body and his brain and he knew he was a goner, so he telepathically convinced everyone who saw it, Jean included, that she obliterated him when she didn’t. Wolverine and Magneto told the world he was dead. Once they all left, he telepathically reached out to Moira, who gathered him up and brought him to a medical facility. The post credit scene is him recovering. Shortly after that, he fully recovered and returned to the school to explain his situation.

    1. skyfiresays:

      That is an awesome theory! I just thought when I read this, he left his old body at the hospital and jumped into the one on life support. This would explain why he is still in a wheelchair in DOFP. But your explanation is much simpler and makes sense given how powerful he is. He also had that weird smile when he was being shredded by Jean which always puzzled and haunted me.

  4. JacHuntersays:

    Really excellent article, answered all the questions I had and some I didn’t know that I had in very well researched and plausible ways.

  5. ♡ Miss Tee ♡says:

    I would have loved more of an explanation in the dark future. Especially Magneto regaining his powers and teaming up with Xavier. Would have been nice to have a scene of that. Also what happened to Magneto and Mystique in the bright future? They weren’t shown.

  6. Carlos Albarransays:

    One crucial aspect of Kitty Pryde in the comics, but left out in the movies is her super-genius intelligence. She is at least as smart with technology as Tony Stark. This seems to be one aspect Singer is not very attracted to, as Hank Mc Coy is also a Super Genius, yet they are both portrayed quite bland in this respect. My take for her time ability would be her chops on technology, that goes much better with her comics character.

    1. Aquartertosevensays:

      That makes no sense; where’s this technology exactly? A more logical assumption would be that her powers simply grew. She could shift out of phase, out of this dimension, and shifting out of time is simply the next step.

  7. eo chrissays:

    Kitty doesn’t have the time travel ability. It’s Hope Summer who had
    this power and travels to fix the past/future with Kitty Pryde and not
    Wolverine. Now, how they will gonna feature Angel/ArchAngel on X-Men:
    Apocalypse without ruining The Last Stand story?

  8. Dontreadcomicssays:

    I just have a quick question, everyone else is using their kickass mutant powers in the future to delay sentinels from killing them. How come professor X doesn’t use his time stopping abilities to just freeze them while Logan does his thing in the past? Unless professor X’s ability literally stops time, then it would freeze the past too. But it seems like his power just makes everything stop moving, and he can make alterations and allow other people to move too.

    1. Mrcalichesays:

      Professor X doesn’t stop time. He stops people. He mentally forces them to freeze in place, as if time weren’t running. Everything else around is still affected by time, so he hasn’t frozen time, he just brain-stopped them.

    2. MrBeansays:

      Sentinels dont have a mind,so Prof X cant freeze them.

  9. Kie723says:

    Question: If X-Men 2 and 3 didn’t happen, why did X-Men 1 still happen? Near the end, Rogue has some white hair, meaning Magneto at some point used her to attack the humans, who are apparently at peace with the mutants. I’m looking forward to some answers in future movies, cause that’s quite a plothole (like a lot of the movie).

  10. csb9999 .says:

    what is the story with cyclops and his brother havok? i know cyclops is the oldest but where is he in the x-men first class movie? and also in the first wolverine origins movie we se scott being guided by professor X but wouldn’t alex already be an x-man at that point according to X-men first class ? at last how does havok’s powers work ? i thought he shot whatever it is he shoots through his hands but in these films it’s through the center of his body ?

    1. Simon Burrowssays:

      One question at a time 😛

      I always thought Havok was Cyclops father. Which would give a reason for the similar power.

      You have to remember that first class was set around the Vietnam war so in Xmen 1 – 3 it would make cyclops about the same age as Prof X which is impossible which is why i thought Cyclops is Havoks son.

      Maybe there were xmen but Prof X was the only one to get off the plane… The big question is why was he walking!!! Yes he has the medicine to help him walk (from DoFP) but then how did he use his powers to talk to Scott? And you cant say Beast made one that didnt effect his powers because then he’d be walking in all the other films.

      He starts off with no control of it which is why he doesnt use it in front of anyone. But as Prof X trains him in first class he gains control and by the time he shows his power in Days of Future Past he has total control by showing us a hand blast.

      This has been Simon you’ve just been schooled ;D

  11. André Lorenzinisays:

    I don’t read the comics, but I’m one of those freaks who need an answer, so I created one.
    She can become intangible, a state in which space doesn’t affect her. Now, what if she had developed her power to a new level, in which she can become intangible to time? As well as she can move through walls, she’ll be able to move through time!
    I thought about it and accepted it so that I could call it a good movie.

  12. rosie1843says:

    Does Wolverine have his adamintium claws in the altered future at the end of the film? If so, that means Stryker was alive after Trask’s Sentinel program was thwarted. Which means, Jean and Scott should still be DEAD!

    1. Simon Burrowssays:

      But you see that Stryker on the boat was actually Mystic so we are left in the dark about what happens between 1973 and the present.

  13. The centurionsays:

    Jean and Cyclops died as a result of the Phoenix. The Phoenix was a result of Xavier’s attempt to control Jean. The events of DOFP changed Xavier’s views of controlling people because he knew controlling Mystique would lead to the sentinels and eventual war. Hence, when Xavier met Jean he chose not to control her and the Phoenix was never created.

    1. geminiman7says:

      That makes perfect sense.

  14. Chrissays:

    I don’t understand why so many people keep wondering if Mystique is going to give Wolverine over to the Weapon X program. Ignoring everything else (like, for instance, any level of Striker’s involvement in starting in program up to begin with) Mystique’s entire reaction to the experiments done on mutants in this movie has been one of absolute horror. The idea that she would then, after finding the better part of herself with Xavier’s help, turn around and commit *any* mutant to government experimentation is ludicrous!

  15. Toussant Fostersays:

    People expect the X-men movies to mirror events in the X-men comics. Get that thought out of your head. Events and characters in the films reflect the comics only in the most vague sense. Cyclops was the leader and central character in the comics. In the latest X-men film, he doesn’t even rate as a minor character. At best, he puts in a cameo appearance toward the end of the movie. For my part, I want to see more of Cyclops in future X-man movies and a little less of Wolverine. Hopefully, the Weapon X plot line will be pursued in a WOLVERINE film where it belongs rather than in an X-men movie.

  16. Tashysays:

    my question is what happens to wolverines adamantium claws since he was taken out from drowning by mystique ? does Striker still get him?

    1. sexsays:

      Wolvrine in the end is a history teacher so I dont think Stryker got him or his memory would be erased.

  17. Tashysays:

    Do you think wolverine will be in X-Men Apocalypse ? i think theyll find a way

    1. Simon Burrowssays:

      Hugh Jackman said he didnt want to play another Wolverine role so he might not be in there. But hopefully they’ll pay him enough to say yes 😉

  18. Simon Burrowssays:

    There is a deleted scene from The Wolverine where Yukio has a briefcase (as seen when getting on the plane) and in that case is Wolverines classic comic book uniform and the removed adamantium claws so they were put back by someone possibly even Magneto.

  19. Katsays:

    Here’s an obvious question: if Dr. Trask knows Magneto’s power and makes a specific point of mentioning it, and specifically says there’s no metal in the sentinels for that reason, then why are the sentinels still built of metal in the final fight sequence?

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