10 R-Rated Movies That Should Have Been PG-13

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Adult life sucks. Children have it so much easier, with zero responsibility and a serious amount of free time. Despite this, most children fantasize about being older, moaning that they’re too young to do anything. To be fair though, one thing that’s particularly aggravating for adolescents everywhere is being unable to see all the movies they want due to ridiculous ratings.

Watching movies will always be a subjective experience, but the MPAA seem to rate films incorrectly on a regular basis, declaring that it’s much better for children to watch a bloody massacre than see a nip slip or hear the occasional bad word.

As a result of this prudishly conservative stance, some movies are unfairly rated PG-13 when they shouldn’t be and some are rated R, depriving adolescents of the cinematic education they deserve.

Whether you believe teenagers need to be protected more from depictions of violence or sexuality is up for debate, but either way, it will definitely come as a shock that the following 10 movies received the same age rating as controversial films such as Natural Born Killers and The Human Centipede.