10 Reasons Why We Love Guardians Of The Galaxy


10) It’s A New Film Series


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe pumping out films as fast as Chris Pratt’s surging stardom, there’s a feeling that’s starting to hook onto the fanbase: a feeling of slight fatigue. How many more movies can Marvel make before the entire universe collapses under itself? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll be lining up to see Steve Rogers throw his shield for the umpteenth time in Captain America 14: The Winterest Soldier.

Hence why Guardians of the Galaxy has proven to be so popular. It’s an unfamiliar series in a familiar universe. It’s quite the breath of fresh air, but not so strange as to avoid. People welcome change, but only if they have a warm blanket to shield themselves.

To the average viewer, the very concept of the Guardians is foreign as they haven’t – yet – become quite the juggernaut that other Marvel heroes have become. A talking raccoon? A plant thing? A green whore (quoted from Drax)? This group of ragtag misfits could not possibly be more awkward, and though it may deter a few, it intrigues most.

These are new characters to explore, new lands to conquer, and new feels to be had with the ever-looming suspicion that a familiar character will waddle in for a cameo. After the galaxy has been saved, the promise that our new quirky friends will return instantly puts this film on a much larger scale.

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