10 Reasons Why Spectre Doesn’t Top Skyfall

10) Below-Par CGI

spectre day of the dead building collapse

Skyfall‘s egregious Komodo dragons were bad enough, but Spectre goes one better in the bad CGI stakes. Though Mendes admirably keeps special effects practical and in-camera where possible, he doesn’t have the same perfectionist’s grasp on VFX as someone like Christopher Nolan. It wasn’t so damaging in Skyfall, but in Spectre, key scenes are reliant on some below-par computer-designed effects.

Without giving too much away, a pair of collapsing buildings play a part in almost taking 007 down in Spectre, as does a dentist’s chair-like torture device. All of these are built from CGI, but the effects are so underdeveloped and unconvincing that the threat level is severely diminished.