10 Reasons Why Warcraft: The Beginning Might Be The Worst Film Of The Year So Far

10) The Film Tries To Do Too Much, And Fails At All Of It

You have to at least admire Duncan Jones’ guts: Warcraft is a huge undertaking. Imagine the daunting task of trying to establish an entire universe, sympathetically set up distinct characters in two very different warring factions, lay the groundwork for a new franchise and tell a compelling story, all in one movie. It’s something an experienced blockbuster director might balk at.

Probably the biggest compliment you can pay the movie is that it’s ambitious. Unfortunately, not all of its ambitions pay off. Warcraft doesn’t manage to do any of what it sets out to do: the universe is not well-established, we don’t ever sympathize with the (many) characters, there’s nothing in the film that really warrants a sequel and the story is most definitely not compelling.