10 Reasons Why X-Men: Apocalypse Is The Worst In The First Class Trilogy


10) Plotholes Everywhere


The most noticeable thing about Apocalypse right off the bat is just how hole-y the story is. So many unnecessary questions are raised, like: if Apocalypse can slaughter dozens with a wave of the hand, why doesn’t he just use that power to vanquish the X-Men? If Nightcrawler can use his power to take him to places he’s been before, why doesn’t he just teleport himself out of the fight club? And perhaps most important of all, how does Apocalypse, an Ancient Egyptian, know how to work 1980s tech?

It’s not just inconsistent powers that are a problem. The whole timeline has become an issue: Alex Summers is now roughly the same age as his parents are in the movie, while Quicksilver appears to be catching up with his own father, Erik Lensherr, who still appears to be in his 30s. We also have to ask what happened to Wolverine between movies that he’d end up in the hands of Col. Stryker in Apocalypse, despite him being saved by Mystique at the end of Days of Future Past.

9) Some Of The Performances Are Woeful

Granted, the acting is for the most part fine, if unspectacular in X-Men: Apocalypse. The newcomers, including Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner, do their best to complement the more established (relative) old-timers like Michael Fassbender and Oscar Isaac. However, others, like James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, are simply woeful, over-acting and totally devoid of the personality they showed in previous X-films.

Lawrence in particular is wooden, and quite evidently bored, having already played the same character across seven films in five years (she’s the same basic “I’m no hero” heroic type in both The Hunger Games and X-Men franchises). Meanwhile others, like Nicholas Hoult and Rose Byrne, recently so memorable in Mad Max and Neighbors respectively, make hardly any impact at all.

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