10 Spider-Man Characters Who Need To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10) Kraven The Hunter


Before his powers took on a more mystical nature, Kraven the Hunter was exactly what the name implies – a hunter. With no superpowers, this would certainly be a very different type of foe for Spider-Man, but one that fans are desperate to see. He arrived in New York with the goal to take out its newest hero, but no doubt the best story for Marvel to adapt would be Kraven’s Last Hunt.

The leaked emails from the Sony Hack revealed that it’s a story the studio are interested in, and it’s both critically acclaimed and loved by comic book fans, which would definitely win the movie some points early on.

For those unfamiliar with the tale, it sees Kraven shoots Spider-Man with a tranquillizer dart, bury him and take on his identity before committing suicide after being beaten by the hero. It’s dark and a bit twisted, but it could certainly work well on the big screen.