The 10 Best Comic Book Movie Moments Of 2017


All The Post-Credits Scenes – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

2017’s superhero movies produced some amazing post-credits sequences, so we had to include at least one on this list. But which one should make the cut? Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s hilariously meta speech from Captain America about patience? Justice League‘s awesome tease for the Legion of Doom? Thor: Ragnarok‘s Infinity War set-up?

While these were all a lot of fun, nothing can beat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when it comes to post-credits scenes. Instead of the usual two, James Gunn decided to make sure people stayed in their seats to the end by littering the credits with a whopping five different sequences. Some were welcome bits of extra comedy (Stan Lee in space) while others were genuinely thrilling to see, such as the introduction of Adam Warlock.

As great as the rest of 2017’s comic book movies’ post-credits scenes were, they do feel a bit disappointing compared to what GotG Vol. 2 offered up. Along with the ridiculously catchy “Guardians Inferno” song from David Hasselhoff, the post-credits sequences accurately summed up the entire film: self-indulgent? Sure. But brilliant? Absolutely!

Hulk Vs. Thor – Thor: Ragnarok

It’s tough to nail down the best moment from Thor: Ragnarok as Taika Waititi’s threequel for the God of Thunder is so entertaining from start to finish. If we really try, though, we can carve it down to the bits on Sakaar, with Chris Hemsworth and green CGI Mark Ruffalo’s terrific old couple chemistry and everything to do with Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. If we really have to specify it even more, though, we can highlight Hulk and Thor’s gladiatorial battle as a real treat.

It just encapsulates what worked so well about Ragnarok. On the one hand, it was simply a great thrill to have a Thor/Hulk rematch, with their fight being an exhilarating clash of the titans. The scene also found room for Waititi’s trademark witticisms – everybody now: “He’s a friend from work!” And let’s not forget the hilarity happening on the sidelines, as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki grows ever more uncomfortable to be in Hulk’s presence, after their last encounter in The Avengers. 

Also, special mention should go to the visuals in the scene. The director was very open about how the colourful, imaginative work of classic Marvel creator Jack Kirby influenced him and that’s no more obvious than in this part of the film.

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