10 Superhero Movies That Almost Turned Out Very Differently


The long process a movie goes through from initial pitch to making it to the screen can often result in some enormous changes from the original idea. Superhero movies, in particular, often fall prey to this. With ballooning budgets and the capacity to make hundreds of millions of dollars back, comic book films have a lot riding on them and so producers and studio execs will pour over them with a fine-tooth comb during the development stages, in a bid to ensure that the movie will be a hit.

Sometimes, this constant evolution can seriously damage a movie. For instance, we know that Warner Bros. heavily re-edited and even reshot great swathes of Suicide Squad to bring it closer to the hugely successful trailers. In the result, this meant the film felt choppy and too eager to please. On the other hand, the attempts to lighten up Justice League seem to have been for the better, going by what we’ve seen so far.

Here, then, are 10 superhero movies that were practically completely different movies at one stage of their production. Some we would have been really interested to see, while others we definitely wouldn’t…