9 Marvel And DC Supervillains And Anti-Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

Now that arguably most of the major heroes from both the Marvel and DC universes have been brought to the big screen, movie studios are starting to turn to those less squeaky-clean comic book characters when looking for properties to build a film around.

DC has already given us Suicide Squadand is planning to follow it up with Gotham City Sirens and a Deadshot spinoff, too. Likewise, Dwayne Johnson is eschewing the Shazam movie for his own solo vehicle as Black AdamSony’s Spider-Man universe, meanwhile, is being exclusively built around villains and anti-heroes. Venom, Silver Sable and Black Cat are definitely getting starring roles, with rumours stating that the likes of Kraven and Mysterio could be next for the solo treatment, too.

Finally, Fox have just announced a Fantastic Four spinoff featuring Doctor Doom in the driver’s seat. And we haven’t even touched on those that have been touted for a while now and seem to be stuck in development hell, like Fox’s Gambit, DC’s Lobo and Icon’s Nemesis.

With the anti-superhero genre just kicking off then, it seems like a good time to suggest some other comic book villains and anti-heroes who would kill it in their own solo movie. Some of these characters have already been seen on the big screen before, but they all deserve their own standalone outing as well.