10 Things We Know So Far About How To Train Your Dragon 3


10) The Release Date

Let’s start with the basics. If the original plan for the movie’s release had gone ahead, we would already have enjoyed it a few months ago. Back in 2012, Dreamworks labelled How To Train Your Dragon 3 with a June 18th 2016 release date. As time got away from them, this was moved back sometime later to June 17th 2017.

This wasn’t the end of it, though. After that announcement, Dreamworks went under a “corporate restructuring” and the movie was pushed back again to June 29th, 2018. Finally, some good news happened when the film was brought forward to May 18th, the original release date for The LEGO Movie Sequel (which is now set for February 2019).

On the one hand, this constant shuffling back of its release date could be bad news – we wouldn’t entirely rule out another alteration over the next couple of years, as well. On the other, it’s to be expected. Writer/director Dean Deblois is working solidly on making the movie as good as can be.  As the Toy Story films proved, sometimes it’s worth waiting for a threequel.

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