10 Normal Things Movies Have Made Terrifying (Part II)


Like a bad cold you just can’t shake, Al Lowe and I are back to continue our new writing franchise: 10 Things Movies Have Made Terrifying. We already brought you a part one, but after numerous discussions about all the objects we’d left out, and after coming to the realization that there’s an endless list of these sorts of things, we decided to reunite for a follow-up feature highlighting some glaring omissions from our original article.

The first time around we tackled sillier objects like tires, sushi, tricycles, and books, but I believe we’ll be hitting on more actual fears this time around. Part one was all about having fun, but part two definitely got a little bit darker.

By darker, I mean Al and I opened up and stayed true to ourselves, drawing upon those moments of pants-wetting fear we experienced after watching a particularly effective movie. For example, I know this may sound ridiculous, but after watching Jurassic Park, I couldn’t help but be petrified at the thought of a velociraptor lurking around every corner I turned, just waiting to rip me open like a present on Christmas morning. Were my thoughts irrational? Yes, we haven’t tempted fate by recreating dinosaurs just yet. But was the fear real? Absolutely. Dinosaurs had been something I’d only learned about in books until that point, but after seeing Robert Muldoon be out-hunted by one “clever girl,” the damage was done. Fear is powerful, fear is gripping, fear is dominating, and fear is real – even if it’s based on something far from the realms of reality.

But since we’ve already done this before, you know the drill. Join Al and I as we again pick things from everyday life that movies have turned horrifying. We’ll let Al wait his turn, and I’ll start with my picks…