10 Things You Need To See In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Ultimate Edition

10) The Name’s Jimmy Olsen

Batman V Superman

Early on in the movie, Lois Lane’s cameraman is revealed to be a CIA agent in disguise, before being killed by an African warlord. At first, fans didn’t bat an eye at this – until director Zack Snyder revealed that this was intended to be his version of classic Superman character, Jimmy Olsen.

The Ultimate Edition confirms this by adding to Michael Cassidy’s screen time in the role, as he introduces himself to Lois as her new cameraman. He also 100% confirms that his name is Jimmy Olsen.

Yep, we’re afraid Snyder wasn’t kidding when he said he thought it would be “fun” to insert Olsen in the film only to immediately put a bullet in his brain. You’re a cruel man, Zack.