10 Things We Learned From The First Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer


Imperial Recruitment

The TV spot kicks off with an unlikely scene: the young Han signing up to join the Imperial forces. The unusually peppy recruitment officer chats to Han, asking him: “So you want to make a difference?… Trust me, you’re gonna love it.”

The officer then inquires as to what branch the young rebel is interested in joining. As we all know, Han explains that he wants to be a pilot. “The best in the galaxy,” he promises, showing the bravado and cocky nature that the character is known for.

Interspersed with this scene are some ominous clips of a Star Destroyer emerging from thick clouds, with lightning crackling around it. It provides a clever bit of contrast with Han’s chirpy job interview. Despite the officer’s attitude, Han is signing up to be part of something sinister and evil. And, as we all know, this will cause him to switch to the good side later in life.

The Millennium Falcon: Inside And Out

The Millennium Falcon is set to be such an important element of Solo that it’s practically a character in itself. As such, the TV spot spends a lot of time introducing it. And it shows the iconic ship as we’ve never seen it before.

Something that fans have immediately jumped on is the shot of the inside of the Millennium Falcon looking all gleaming and white. That’s quite the change from the grimy, worn-out look of its corridors that we’ve seen in every previous Star Wars movie. Clearly, Han and Chewie aren’t big on spring cleaning. Or Lando was one of those guys who likes to keep their vehicles spotless.

Oddly, though, the shot we get of the Falcon’s exterior contrasts with its interior. In one snippet, we see Han – possibly dressed in Imperial gear – approaching the Falcon, maybe for the first time, inside some kind of hangar. Whereas it looks brand new inside, though, the ship looks dusty and abandoned from the outside.

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