10 Things To Know Before Watching Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


10) It Makes The Dark Knight Films Look Cheery

Something that can probably be gleaned from the trailers is that Batman V Superman is a pretty dark affair. The reviews released so far have confirmed that this is not just something the marketing has played up. If anything, it is even gloomier than it looked.

The Guardian said that “the influences of director Christopher Nolan’s furrowed-brow Batman films… loom large” over BvS while Den of Geek thought “the heroes spend so much of the movie locked in their private emotional labyrinths that, even in their day-to-day guises, Batman and Superman are guarded, scowling enigmas.”


IGN also commented that “those expecting BvS to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers will find it more akin to Snyder’s Watchmen instead.”

So, if you’re the sort of person that thought The Dark Knight films were too much like Batman & Robin, then this might be the superhero movie for you.

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