I Don’t Have To Save You: 10 Times Batman Has Killed

8) Hangs A Mental Patient – Batman #1

Even when Batman got his own solo comic series, he still didn’t give up his murderous ways. For example, we give you this shockingly cruel killing of pretty much an innocent.

In Batman #1, Dr. Hugo Strange has turned the patients of his mental hospital into marauding “monster men.” Though these are simply people with psychological disorders who’ve been experimented on, Batman shows no remorse for the monster men. He first guns down the truck holding them in order to stop them from reaching the city and then strings up one that’s escaped with rope from his Batplane. And the rope is tied around his neck…

Yup, Batman straight up strangles a (monster) man to death. Was there a way to neutralize the threat instead of death? Totally, but early Batman was clearly the kind of guy who just liked to go for the most permanent solution when faced with a problem.