10 Unbelievable Superhero Movie Castings That Almost Happened

It takes a special actor to take a role that millions have loved on the page for decades and bring it to life in a way that satisfies the majority of fans. Thankfully, most of the major superhero movies have found the right star to steer their franchise. We’re thinking your Robert Downeys, Hugh Jackmans and Christian Bales. Even the ones that haven’t worked out so well, you can still see what they were going for. For instance, the cast of 2015’s Fantastic Four

Other times, however, Hollywood studios make some very left-field choices when it comes to drawing up the casting call shortlists. The following ten stars are just a few examples of the unbelievable casting choices that almost happened in your favourite superhero movies.

The men on this list are here either because they’re a particularly poor fit for the character or because they’re someone you would never think to associate with a superhero movie. Admittedly, we are curious to see how some of these might have worked out, but on the whole, we really can’t believe that these actors were ever considered to play these roles.