10 Underrated Batman Storylines That Should Be Adapted To Film


Throughout the years, we’ve seen famous Batman storylines inspire several film adaptations. From The Dark Knight Returns influence in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to the No Man’s Land tone of The Dark Knight Rises, the comic books continue to be the biggest source of ideas for the Caped Crusader’s cinematic adventures. Now, if only 20th Century Fox could’ve convinced Josh Trank to read a Fantastic Four book before his botched effort.

While it’s good to see the filmmakers bring the Dark Knight’s most popular stories to the big (and small) screen, there are other lesser known tales that deserve the same treatment as well. Batman’s been around for nearly 80 years, so there’s more than enough material to keep everyone busy until at least the next century, right?

That said, you have to bear in mind that some arcs will lend themselves better to the film format than others. Taking on the most stressful task ever, we sat down with hundreds of comic books, sipped on ice-cold sodas, and read as many Batman stories as we could to find the hidden gems. A terrible job, we know.

Filtering them down to a reasonable number proved to be more difficult than anticipated, but we finally settled on these 10 remarkable storylines. So, let’s get to it then and unearth some of Batman’s underrated tales that would kill it on the silver screen.

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