10 Chaotic Productions That Somehow Resulted In Great Films

Obviously it’s not wise for a filmmaker, their cast, and their crew to go into production on a movie under-prepared. Most of the best films are so good (and so coherent) because they involved lots of planning in advance, to ensure that the production wouldn’t be arduous, and to have more chance of the film not turning out as a complete mess in the edit.

Most of the time, reshoots, delays, and trouble on the set are all good signs that the film itself won’t be turning out so well. Think of Josh Trank’s recent Fantastic Four, or something like the embattled I Heart Huckabees, which revealed itself to be as erratic as writer-director David O. Russell was during filming.

Occasionally, however, some of the best movies are born from completely chaotic productions. You can have directors losing it, studios interfering with the film, and cast and crew duking it out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the movie itself can’t still turn out great.

Here, then, are 10 shambolic productions that resulted in great films all the same….