10 Villains That Should Be Considered For The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Dr. Miles Warren worked with The High Evolutionary in an effort to evolve animals into human form. He was eventually banished though when he created a crazed Jackal who escaped. Years later, this was the basis for the alter-ego of the Jackal. Much of his crazed demeanor came from spending 5 years in a genetic regeneration chamber in order to have his body resemble the Jackal-man he once created.

His obsession with Gwen Stacey leads him to clone both her and Peter and while he’s originally a professor at Empire State University, that could easily be altered to being a scientist at Oscorp who meets Gwen while she’s interning there. He seems like a nice fit for the universe that Webb has already created and I’d love to see Spider-Man face off against him as the villain has a personal interest in Gwen.

Doctor Octopus

Dr. Otto Octavious is another scientist that could easily fit in with the Oscorp focus. A brilliant scientific mind (Doc Ock) battling another brilliant scientific mind (Peter Parker), would be great to see.

Doc Ock was always known for causing massive amounts of mayhem as he controls his versatile tentacles telepathically, even when they aren’t attached to his body. He’s faced off with Spidey many times too, with Spider-Man even once beating him to the verge of death.

He is arguably the second most notorious of Spider-Man’s nemeses behind the Green Goblin, so it seems like there would be a piece of the story missing if he is never used. However, I feel that Webb will probably want to avoid using Doc Ock as the lead villain in the second movie of his trilogy for fear that people will accuse him of following too closely in Raimi’s footsteps.

That being said, I still wouldn’t be totally opposed to seeing him show up.


Quentin Beck worked as a successful stunt man and special effects designer in Hollywood, but never felt that he received the attention he deserved. Before becoming Mysterio, Beck pretended to be Spider-Man and even framed him for numerous crimes.

After a few encounters, Beck was nearly able to get Spider-Man to reveal his identity by posing as a psychiatrist and using special effects to convince Spider-Man he was going insane.

While he may have an interesting origin, Mysterio is another character where much of the story centers around interactions with Jameson, meaning that Webb would either have to alter the story or make Jameson a part of the next movie.

As a master of special effects, Mysterio could certainly bring a new dynamic to the realism of Webb’s Spider-Man universe. His projection cubes could lead to some spectacular scenes. It also could be very interesting to bring in the hallucinogens that Mysterio occasionally used, and to see their effect on Spider-Man.

Plus, we haven’t seen a fishbowl helmet that cool since sci-fi movies of the 50’s.

The Sinister Six

Yes, it would be incredible to see Spider-Man have to fight six villains at once. If done well it would probably be the most epic battle in the history of superhero films. The problem I see though is that the reason for all of these villains to band together is because they have all been individually bested by Spider-Man and have a shared vendetta against him. At this point in the trilogy, I just don’t see Spider-Man as a big enough threat to attract The Sinister Six.

That being said, the producers of the film haven’t ruled out going in this direction for the sequel and I certainly would love to see Webb try to pull it off. If done well, it could lead to one of the greatest movies, well, ever.

So, there you have it, our choices for who should be the villain, or villains, in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Now it’s your turn, head down to the comments below and let us know who you’d like to see.