10 Villains We Need To See In Ben Affleck’s Batman Trilogy


While it has yet to be officially confirmed by Warner Bros., a number of reliable sources (and by that we mean the trades, not the typical rumour mongers) have confirmed that part of Ben Affleck’s deal with the studio from the very start has been to direct a solo outing for Batman obviously featuring him in the title role.

Before Comic-Con, we learned that he’s currently writing the screenplay for that alongside comic book veteran and The Flash scribe Geoff Johns, while there have even been rumblings that this could end up being the first in a new trilogy of movies.


The plots of these obviously remains to be seen, and there are many different directions they could go in, especially when it comes to adapting the members of Batman’s amazing rogues gallery. Like Spider-Man, Batman is blessed with a group of iconic foes who would all be well suited to the big screen, but which of them are ultimately the most deserving of a place in what’s shaping up to be an epic new trilogy?

Here, you will find the ten most deserving candidates who we desperately need to see in the DC Extended Universe as part of Ben Affleck’s take on this iconic superhero. Some you’ll no doubt expect, though there are plenty who will no doubt surprise you…