10 Ways That Avengers: Infinity War Can Live Up To Expectations


To say that Avengers: Infinity War has a lot of expectations to meet would be an understatement. After all, the upcoming blockbuster will serve as the culmination of the entire cinematic universe – one that was established with 2008’s Iron Man – to date.

The first Avengers brought the MCU’s greatest heroes together and gave fans a mind-blowing experience back in 2012. It might not have aged as well as some may think, but it’s still a solid team-up film. Age of Ultron didn’t fare quite as well, however, leaving a lot of people disappointed. With IW, Marvel now has the chance to bring us a timeless superhero extravaganza for fans and non-fans alike.

In order for the studio to deliver though, there are certain things that need to happen in regards to both the plot and the handling of the vast amount of characters. While it’s still early days and we really don’t know too much about what Marvel’s got planned just yet, here are 10 things that Infinity War absolutely needs to do in order to be a hit.