10 Ways That Avengers: Infinity War Can Live Up To Expectations


10) No Post-Credits Stinger

“What?! But the post-credits scenes are a Marvel movie staple,” we hear you say. Yes, that may be, but when you consider how IW is like a series finale for the MCU, it’s important that fans feel a strong sense of closure by the end. In order for that to happen, audiences need to know that there’s nothing left to see once those credits roll. That’s why in order to provide longtime fans some closure, Marvel should avoid putting any post-credits scene at the end of Infinity War.

Although these scenes are typically an entertaining way to progress the universe, they tend to detract from the movie they’re attached to and place viewers’ attention elsewhere. With this being the culmination of everything that’s come before, a post-credits scene would take away some of the impact that’ll inevitably come with IW‘s conclusion.

There can certainly be some universe-building for Phase Four within the film (more on that later), but don’t let our final thoughts be focused on whatever happens during the credits.

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