The 10 Weirdest Things That Shia LaBeouf Has Ever Done

9) Twitter Activity


Following the whole plagiarism encounter, Shia used Twitter to publicly apologize for the so called mess he had made. He stated that he wasn’t trying to copy Clowes, but instead was inspired by him and along the way “got lost in the creative process.”

Well, okay, it was an honest mistake. That could happen to anyone. Understandable, right? Plus, it was nice enough that he apologized and made everything better.

But then he apologized again. And again. And again. And again… The apologizes kept on coming, with no end in sight. And then it turned out that even his apology was copied from a Yahoo! Answers post. A little weird, yes… taking in consideration that one “I’m sorry” would have been enough.

Continuing the whole thing even further, Shia openly posted the cease and desist letter he got from Clowes’ lawyer on his Twitter page. And at this point, literally no one knew what was going on inside his head anymore.