The 12 Best Moments Of Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad has finally arrived and has proven to be another divisive entry into the DC Extended Universe. Once again, debates are raging within audiences about the merits and flaws of a comic book movie, and once again, Warner Bros. is busy deflecting blows from unimpressed film critics.

Make no mistake – the film is considerably more flawed than perhaps anyone was expecting. Based on its extensive marketing campaign, and the source material that is readily available in DC comics, we were expecting to see the first major feature film to be entirely about supervillains. The centering of a highly sympathetic Deadshot effectively removes the teeth of the movie, however.


Individually, the characters are far more interesting than the plot of the film and, with the exception of the use of a bomb, the third act is lifted almost entirely from 1984’s Ghostbusters. That’s not an exaggeration – this final section of the film is much closer to Ivan Reitman’s beloved classic than Paul Feig’s 2016 actual reboot ever gets, to the extent that Colonel Flag’s love interest even breaks out of the encasement of the evil creature that possessed her, and falls into his arms when the action has finished.

Having said all that, there is also a lot to enjoy in Suicide Squad. In a film that is strong on characterization and weak on plot, the best parts of the whole thing inevitably hinge on those characters shining through, and giving us a tantalizing glimpse of their inner lives. The biggest successes are the scenes in which choices are made, and the morally ambiguous areas that exist between us are highlighted. So, to focus on the positive, here are the 12 best moments of Suicide Squad.

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