12 Great Contributions By Leonard Nimoy To Pop Culture


Leonard Nimoy passed away Friday at the age of 83, and an outpouring of grief, from his fellow Star Trek stars to the President of the United States, demonstrated just how big an impact the man who embodied Mr. Spock for nearly 50 years had on fans worldwide. Nimoy now joins his fellow crewmates DeForest Kelly and James Doohan in the real final frontier, but in remembering his career, one can’t help but to notice the reflection of the Vulcan edict: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Like any actor, it took Nimoy years of toiling in Hollywood before he was cast in his breakthrough role, one that, as it turned out, provided Nimoy with notoriety and opportunity for nearly five decades. But there was more to his career than just Mr. Spock, even if he could never quiet completely run away from the character. An artistic renaissance man, he turned his fame into opportunities to explore writing, directing, music and photography, all while continuing to work hard as an actor in movies, on TV and on the theater stage.

From courtrooms to monorails, from the bridge of the Enterprise to secret spy missions across the globe, and from alternate dimensions to Middle-Earth, Nimoy had an amazing career and an amazing life.

Join us, then, as we remember the man and all of his accomplishments by taking a look back at 12 of his most significant contributions to pop culture.