13 Comic Book Films Stuck In Development Hell

13) Fantastic Four 2

20th Century Fox had big plans for their rebooted Fantastic Four franchise, with a sequel set for 2017 and a crossover with the X-Men on the cards. Unfortunately, the 2015 movie was slaughtered upon release and so those plans were ground to a halt as the studio tried to work out what they were going to do next.

Producer Simon Kinberg has remained adamant that Fox wants to continue the series with the exact same cast, and stars Miles Teller and Kata Mara have also shown interest in returning. Still, nothing is being actively worked on right now, meaning that this one isn’t so much stuck in development as it is stuck in the conversation stage.


12) Nemesis


Mark Millar’s work for Icon Comics – dubbed Millarworld – has been frequently adapted to the movies (see: Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Wanted). Nemesis, however, has not been so lucky in making it to the screen.

Simply put, Nemesis is a reverse Batman story about a man who becomes a supervillain after the violent death of his parents. Originally, 20th Century Fox snapped up the rights to the property back in 2010, with Matthew and Joe Carnahan attached to write and direct.

Despite Millar approving of the script, Fox eventually decided to pass on the project. In August 2015, however, Nemesis was picked up by Warner Bros. No news has arrived since then, but we remain hopeful that it will one day get made.