15 Female Action Heroes Who Can Kick Some Serious Ass

lucy 8

This weekend, Scarlett Johansson will slip out of her skin-tight Black Widow catsuit and into some more agreeable, casual fabrics for Lucy, but one thing that definitely won’t be changing in the actress’ new role is her ability to kick serious ass – and look damn good doing it. So, in honor of Johansson and of Lucy as a whole, the writing staff here at We Got This Covered has taken on the thrilling task of looking back through movie history to uncover the most physically adept, bruisingly smart and just plain badass women of cinema.

We’re not saying it was an easy task – in fact, we had so many viable candidates for this list that we eventually decided to expand it from ten to fifteen entries. And some of our staff put forward entries both exciting and unconventional – get ready for some surprises.

Of course, trying to rank these femme fatales against one another would be as difficult as staging a jailbreak from a group of Chinese drug smugglers using only a flirtatious smile (i.e. it’s something we’ll leave to the experts). So instead, we’ll hand the reins over to you, and expect that you’ll let us know in the comments section who you think would emerge victorious in a Battle Royale between all fifteen of our lethal ladies (my money’s on the tyke with the double-sided katanas).