2 Kurt Russell Movies Have Been Dominating Netflix All Month

Kurt Russell

Christmas Day is finally upon us, and while a lot of people are going to spend their evening watching Wonder Woman 1984 now that it’s debuted on HBO Max, Netflix’s extensive roster of holiday titles will prove just as popular. Then again, let’s face it, there’ll likely be many folks falling asleep in front of the TV later on today, so it doesn’t really matter what’s playing in the background.

However, based on how long the movies have been dominating Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list, there are still going to be more than a few households enjoying The Christmas Chronicles and its sequel. Both of Kurt Russell‘s starring turns as Santa Claus have been among the ten most popular titles on the streaming service for close to a month now, and at this point, a third installment feels like an inevitability.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Which is just as well, because director Chris Columbus revealed that the leading man wants Santa to be the last role that he ever plays, so Netflix better keep churning them out for a good while yet, because Russell would be a huge loss to cinema if he were to call it a day anytime soon. Of course, the second outing might not’ve been received as enthusiastically as the first, but it doesn’t really matter when The Christmas Chronicles films are pretty much irrelevant for 99% of the year anyway.

Indeed, as soon as it hits midnight and Christmas is officially over, the raft of festive flicks on Netflix will no doubt start dropping out of the Top 10 most-watched list, but based on how long these two Kurt Russell efforts have hung around the upper echelons of the rankings, they’ve probably drawn in more than enough viewers already to satisfy the executives.