The 20 Best Moments From Deadpool’s Brilliant Marketing Campaign


Deadpool has always been a fan favourite within the pages of Marvel comics, but after Fox sewed the Merc’s mouth shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, things looked bleak for the future of Wade Wilson on film. That all changed though when Ryan Reynolds returned to the role, shooting test footage that was eventually “leaked” online.

The fan response was overwhelmingly positive, leading Fox to finally green light the project. Ever since then, the marketing campaign for Deadpool has utilised Reynold’s humour and the character’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall to build unprecedented levels of hype.


Any fears that Fox would dare ruin the beloved character a second time round have largely been appeased, which is a huge testament to the people working on Deadpool’s marketing campaign, as we haven’t even seen the actual film yet!

It’s not often that a large Hollywood studio like Fox releases a genuine game-changer, but Tim Miller’s Deadpool could pave the way for a whole new breed of blockbusters that use increasingly inventive means to market their product… so what we’re trying to say is; more poop billboards please!

It’s a scientific fact that ranking the best moments from Deadpool’s marketing campaign is physically impossible, as it’s literally perfect, so instead, grab a chimichanga and join us as we relive 20 of the funniest promos in a vaguely chronological order and get ready for the film’s release this Friday!