The 20 Best Moments From Deadpool’s Brilliant Marketing Campaign

17) Motherf**ker Day

Deadpool motherfucker

After Deadpool surprised us all on April Fools’ Day, few of us realized that this would just be the beginning of Wade Wilson’s relentless assault on all national holidays. Next up was Mother’s Day, a special holiday which Deadpool celebrated by assisting doctors in childbirth.

Great guy, right? Well, the caption that accompanied this picture said, “a motherfucker since 1991,” so you may need to reconsider that stance.

16) Get Stuffed

Deadpool turducken

In the spirit of the holidays, Deadpool released another promotional image on twitter for Thanksgiving, one that was perhaps even more provocative than the first one.

With one leg cocked up as he lays over the Thanksgiving dinner table, Deadpool asks that age old question, “Is a turducken stuffed with three additional meats, or four?” For someone who’s clearly a deranged psychopath on many levels, it seems that Deadpool also has a soft, romantic side, coyly inviting us to join him at the table for plenty of meat stuffing…

15) Trailer Trailer

One of the many, many reasons why fans fell in love with Deadpool in the first place is because of his uncanny ability to break the fourth wall, discussing his fictional existence directly with comic book readers.  This unique trait makes Wilson the perfect anti-hero to spearhead a meta-campaign that makes fun of itself.

Case in point: Deadpool misled fans once again with the premiere of a new trailer… that turned out to be a trailer for the real new trailer. Confused? Grab some toilet paper and watch the promo to hear five time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds suggest that you should “get ready to blow out your collective sphincters.”