20 Great Movie Moments From 2012


I have spent the last two weeks reminiscing on the best and worst of 2012 in film, starting with my Top 10 Films of 2012 and Runner-Up lists, continuing with the Top 10 Film Scores of 2012, going in another direction with the 10 Worst Films of 2012, and sharing, over on my personal blog, The Top 10 TV Shows of 2012.

That’s a lot of lists, but this was a good year for entertainment, so before we bid 2012 a fond farewell, it is time for one more retrospective. This time, instead of looking at films as a whole, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back at some of the great movie moments from 2012, the scenes and sequences that stand out most from the year in film. I have compiled 20 of my favorite moments – arranged alphabetically by film title – and I would ask, as always, that you remember these choices reflect only on personal tastes. If you feel I left something off, I would love to hear about it in the comments; there were many great scenes this year, and 20 picks barely scratches the surface.

As always, clicking on the title of each movie will bring you to my original review, and some links will take you to my personal blog, where I wrote before joining the staff of We Got This Covered.

And before getting to the official list, we start things off with one important honorable mention…

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