20 Great Movie Moments From 2012

Honorable Mention:

“I’m a Human Being, and you’re a f***ing robot”

from Prometheus


Oh, Prometheus. How I hate you. Though this sci-fi aberration caused me great pain, it also gave – and continues to give – me one moment of pure, blissful joy – it just so happens that the moment does not appear in the actual film. If one purchases Prometheus on home video, one will find a large collection of Deleted Scenes. Most of them would have improved the movie if included, but one in particular – the final scene, actually – features a legitimately awesome bit of dialogue that I have gleefully repeated to myself ever since I first watched the scene.

During Elizabeth Shaw’s final exchange with android David’s severed head, he asks her how she continues to ‘believe’ – a good question, given that Shaw has absolutely no reason to believe in anything at this point – and in the theatrical cut, she simply states “I guess that’s because I’m a human being, and you’re a robot.” It doesn’t mean much, but it’s serviceable. In the deleted scene, however, she responds much more tersely – like an action hero delivering a kiss-off one liner – with “I’m a human being, and you’re a f***ing robot.” And it. Is. Awesome. For one glorious moment, Shaw is an interesting character with an actual personality and attitude, and for that moment, I laugh raucously and feel the urge to give whoever wrote the line, be it Damon Lindelof or John Spaihts, an enthusiastic high five. It may not have been in the actual movie, but this is definitely one of the more memorable cinematic moments of 2012.

And now that we are done with that, on to the actual list…

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