The 20 Best Moments From The Films Of 2015


Welcome once again to that time of year when mince pies return to the shelves, overweight men gain extra seasonal work in department stores and critics attempt to round off the year with a million lists. While the most popular of these countdowns are undoubtedly the ones that rank the best films of the year, these articles don’t always reflect the movies that are most popular with audiences.

Some of the year’s biggest hitters are despised by critics, yet they clearly strike a chord with the cinema-going public and deserve recognition, too. Sure, some of the movies counted down on this list aren’t perfect – what films really are? – but even those that aren’t still contain some of the best cinematic moments seen in 2015.


Of course, this is an entirely subjective undertaking and… oh, who are we kidding? Each of these 20 moments are awesome and if you disagree, then you’re wrong. Simple as that.

Obviously, there will be spoilers galore in the following article, but be particularly mindful of a crucial spoiler from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that you should avoid if you haven’t seen the film yet. If that’s the case, just bookmark this page until you can return here after the deed is done.