Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: 2013 Horror Characters We’d Love To See Return Someday


With 2013 growing closer and closer to an end, it’s only fitting that Remy and I keep talking about the year that was, the horror it produced, and where the hell a new batch of ideas can go from here. In an effort to stray away from the “schoolyard bully” mentality, we’re not going to pump out a bunch of “THESE MOVIES SUCK!” articles, and instead we’ve decided to remain positive and talk about the high points encountered throughout the mountain of horror movies we gave a chance. Trust me, there were some stinkers, but there were also PLENTY of horror movies worth your while, for a whole slew of reasons.

In this week’s article, we decided to focus on those characters who kicked the door down and demanded your undivided attention, in some cases carrying a horror film by themselves. These characters were crafted with deep roots, brought to life by phenomenal performances, and made a lasting impression on audiences – everything you could ask for in ANY genre cast.

So, that got me thinking, and talking to Remy, and we decided – why do these characters have to go anywhere? Any successful film is getting franchised these days, so why not bring back the horror characters we love for another go? Sure, some of their films may have ended with a more “set-in-stone” finale, but that’s what writers are for! One minute a character is dead, the next minute we’re finding out it was all a dream (RIP Biggie)! OK, no, we’re not asking for cop-out stories just to bring back a character we favored, but we did put together a neat little compilation of 2013 horror characters we’d love to see return in some capacity. Thankfully, some already are, but for the ones that aren’t, maybe we can drum up a little publicity?

In any case, read on to find out which characters my partner and I think deserve another run on the big screen!