The Film And TV Shows That Helped Define The Superhero Genre In 2016


2016 has been a defining year for the superhero genre. We’ve seen the launch of the DC Extended Universe – which, admittedly, hasn’t gone over too well thus far, unexpected hits like Deadpool, and the first ever major TV crossover event in DC’s “Invasion!” – which featured ArrowSupergirlThe Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

As we prepare for 2017, a year where the superhero genre is set to become even more mainstream than ever before thanks to some massive releases like Justice League and Logan, we decided it’d be a good time to take a look at the last year and examine some of the moments that helped define the genre.

It’s been a wild 12 months, with just as many disasters (we’re looking at you, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) as there have been fist-pumping triumphs. And so, as you make the most of this last week of 2016, join us as we dive back into the past to see just how this year helped define superheroes on both the big and small screen.