Every 2017 Superhero Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

2016 was widely labelled as the biggest year yet for the superhero movie genre, as it featured massive game-changers like Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool. A look back at the comic book film offerings of 2017, though, will show you it’s clear that this year has arguably been even bigger and more impactful.

For starters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe made its first steps into releasing a whole three movies per year – which thankfully brought terrific results in each case. Meanwhile, the DC Extended Universe shifted into the next gear, with its long-awaited team-up movie and its first true success story. The X-Men universe also delivered, giving us not just one of its strongest installments to date, but perhaps one of the finest efforts in the genre.

Overall, out of the eight superhero films that arrived in cinemas in 2017, all of them were enjoyable in their own ways. But which ones stand head and shoulders apart from the rest? Join us as we rank this year’s superhero movies from worst to best and find out where your favorites ended up.