365 Dni Cinematographer Addresses Fifty Shades Of Grey Comparisons

Fifty Shades Freed

One of the major appeals of signing up to any streaming service is that it essentially acts as a media buffet, offering plenty of options from almost every genre imaginable that appeal to the interests of any viewer depending on what they’re in the mood for, and a quick glance at the titles that have been dominating Netflix recently only reinforces that notion.

The Last Days of American Crime proved to be hugely popular despite being named as one of the worst movies of the year, while just a week later Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods arrived and almost instantly gained a reputation for being almost the exact opposite. In times of social unrest, we’ve seen The Help reach the top of the charts as well, much to people’s dismay, while the recent debut and subsequent popularity of Hannibal has now convinced fans that a full-blown revival could be in the works.

Another of Netflix’s most buzzworthy titles has been 365 Dni, which quickly gained a reputation as the ‘Polish Fifty Shades of Grey.’ The erotic thriller generated both major interest and no shortage of controversy, and some viewers were even led to believe that the steamy sex scenes had to be real.

365 Dni

In a recent interview, cinematographer Bartek Cierlica addressed those Fifty Shades comparisons, and while he noted the similarities between the two, he also threw in a Beauty and the Beast reference for good measure to further his belief that 365 Dni has a lot more in common with fairy-tale stories than Hollywood’s most lucrative depiction of BDSM.

“I don’t know if to feel offended or flattered. The film and the erotic book written by Blanka Lipinska it is based on is a kind of fairytale for adult women and a modern interpretation of Beauty and the Beast story. The story is in some ways close to Fifty Shades of Grey. They are both based on the same motif, a handsome and rich man who opens the door to new life and sensual experiences for the female hero. But in 365 Dni, the female hero is far stronger and more emancipated than the girls from old fairy tales. Each sex scene in this movie is different. The relationship evolves. It starts with fear of the unknown and temptation. It evolves through pure sex with BDSM and ends with love.”

So, there you have it. If you find that Disney’s live-action remakes aren’t kinky enough for your tastes, then make sure to add 365 Dni to your watch-list as soon as possible to see the age-old narrative play out in a much more titillating fashion.