4 Reasons Why Fantastic Four Should Have Worked (And 4 Reasons It Didn’t)

2) Promising Director


Chronicle was a hugely promising start for director Josh Trank. Not only did the film make ten times its original budget of $12 million at the box office, but the story of three young men struggling with their newfound abilities held uncanny parallels with the Fantastic Four, making Trank a seemingly perfect fit for Fox’s reboot.

Any worries that a small indie director like Trank wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressures of blockbuster filmmaking seemed unfounded initially, as he was hardly the first to be pushed up to the big leagues so early on in their career. Gareth Edwards made the leap from Monsters to Godzilla fairly quickly and Colin Trevorrow just smashed every box office record with Jurassic World, which is even more impressive when you realize that this was only his second film.

Hollywood studios regularly take chances on independent film makers now, so Trank’s lack of experience alone should never have been an issue during production on the Fantastic Four reboot, providing that the producers gave him the support needed.