5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom may be a bit young for Strange, but he’s definitely still one of my top choices. The guy already played a character of superhero proportions in The Lord Of The Rings, albeit a character just about as opposite from Strange as possible, but the guy is just made for this role.

He’s also extremely talented, so I’d feel comfortable with him taking on just about anything, but it’s hard not to get giddy thinking about Bloom learning the art of sorcery under the Ancient One in Tibet. He also wouldn’t look weird at all wearing the flowing cape of Strange, which is something that can’t be said for most men.

Bloom historically has been very selective with his roles, which is probably part of the reason he’s avoided an endeavor into comic films. That means the script would have to be excellent, and a top-notch director will have to be on board before he joins. But honestly, are we expecting anything less than top-notch from Marvel at this point?