5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

George Clooney

Yes, George Clooney was an utter fail as Batman. There’s no denying that. But I say that’s all the more reason to let him jump ship to Marvel and prove how great of a superhero he can be. The guy is too talented an actor for anyone to think he can’t take on the role, and while not as striking as others on this list, the resemblance between him and Strange is still pretty spot-on.

Clooney hasn’t ventured into sci-fi or fantasy much, but I think that would actually be a positive thing for Strange. While the mysticism of Strange is going to be something totally different from what Marvel has previously done, it still is going to need to be firmly grounded in the world set up by the other films, which, for the most part, has an extremely realistic feel.

Clooney’s ability to make every role feel like a real person would greatly benefit the film. Plus, with his future features like Gravity and 1952, by the time Doctor Strange rolls around Clooney will have enough sci-fi in his system to totally cleanse his palate of battling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze.